A minor (harmonic)

In order to make life more complicated for students of music theory (and to make music more interesting) composers have used different types of minor scales. The Harmonic minor scale can be thought of as a Natural minor scale with a raised 7th scale degree. In most classical music, the harmonic minor scale has been favored. This was due to the fact that when chords were built with the scale it shared some common chords with the relative Major key and thus made modulation smoother. Additionally, because of the prevalence of the V-I cadence in Major keys, listeners felt a greater sense of finality when the same cadence was used in minor keys. The following diagram shows an A Harmonic minor scale.

Notice that the “g#” is used for the chords that are built on the scale degrees as well. This one note change from the Natural minor scale creates several new chords as can be seen from the picture below.

Lastly, we have the chords shown with guitar diagrams above.

Guitar chords in the key of A minor (harmonic)